Can we use files from here?

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Can we use files from here?

Post by MrsSovereign16 »

Hi There!

I'm Sarah! This is my first post as I've just found your forum website and am a little confused.

I found and svg on pinterest I liked and followed the website link and it took me to this forum.

Currently I just want to use the file to make birthday party decorations for my nephew. But I do make things for craft show to sell and wondering if there are more svgs on here, and if they are for personal use only or commercial use as well?

Also I keep seeing something called scal mentioned? What is this? I would love a better program than design space to create files!


I'm a cricut explore user and create cards, embroidery, and ornaments and paper items.

Thanks for all your help!


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Re: Can we use files from here?

Post by SandyMcC »

Hi Sarah!

Welcome to the forum!

Regarding the use of files, just read the original post to see if the person who designed and shared the file stipulates any Terms of Use that might prevent you from using the file in a commercial application. Rarely will you find that to be the case but it's always good to just check for sure.

Regarding Sure Cuts A Lot, LOTS of Cricut owners buy it because:

(1) It has a LOT more design functions than Design Space

(2) You can export designs as SVG using a Design Space option in the export window and the SVG is ready to cut in Design Space

(3) The price of SCAL is very reasonable, given what you get, and there's lots of support available, especially if you happen to be on Facebook.

You probably have a lot more questions. Feel free to post them and I'll approve them as I see them. I believe you need three approved posts before the forum automatically allows you to post without moderation. Anyhow, if you browse through the SCAL5 user manual I wrote, you'll see LOTS of screenshots which will give you a general idea of what you can create using SCAL: ... l-support/

Also, SCAL5 is on sale for $50 using this link:

And you can download a trial version that works for 15 days using this link. I don't think you can export as SVG, while in trial mode, but you can check out some of the functions. A lot are in the Effect menu.
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