getting really frustrated with Sizzix Eclips

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getting really frustrated with Sizzix Eclips

Post by sarand123 »

Hi All, this is my first post and I am really hoping that someone can help, I have had a search but i am confusing myself :roll:

I have had a Sizzix Eclips for many years and never connected it to the computer... This past week i have decided its time to get with it... So we hooked it up with a mini usb cable from the handset to the computer and the regular USB goes from the handset to the machine. We installed Ecal from the disc that came from the machine... I best mention that this is the 1st version of the Sizzix Eclips and eCAL - I am on windows 10.

Program loads and if i press cutter it tells me that there is no machine connected... I know the mini USB cable works as we have tested it. If we connect the machine straight to the laptop then it seems to know the machine is connected but obviously wont cut.

Does anyone have an idiots guide before i teach it to fly and throw it out of the window..... Pleaseeeeee

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Re: getting really frustrated with Sizzix Eclips

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Do you have all of the software updates installed? Since you never had it hooked up and functioning, did you receive one of the updated cords from Sizzix that was distributed some time back. It has 2 tags on the end. One says USB and one says computer. If you did not get one, contact Sizzix and they should send you one. There was no cost for them.
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Re: getting really frustrated with Sizzix Eclips

Post by HeatherM »

Don't plug in both the handset and the computer at the same time. The USB cord goes directly from the eClips to the computer. I would also go to the Craft Edge website and download the update. I'm running 1.506. Not sure if that was the last version of the original eCAL, but it probably is. Also, my replacement cord developed a short, so I'm just using a regular USB cable rather than the one Sizzix sent me as a replacement. Here is where you can get the most current version of eCAL1.

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Re: getting really frustrated with Sizzix Eclips

Post by Joybird52 »

Just wondering if you ever found a solution to this problem....I' :roll: m experiencing the same with a backup machine. If I remember correctly with my original machine they came out with a replacement cord that corrected the problem. I'm going to contact them to see if they still provide this.

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