Newbie question

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Newbie question

Post by jfronk »

Greetings all:
I am a newbie when it comes to sure cuts a lot. Just purchased my new us cutter MH series cutter and do not have it set up yet. Was looking at design software and am trying to make up my mind on what to buy. I am looking for some direction.
I have a lot of clipart that is EPS,AI, jpeg and wondering what type of files SCAL will import other than SVG. Looking for some input.
Thanks in advance
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Re: Newbie question

Post by regina_rhinestones »

I'm pretty much a newbie to SCAL too, but when I click on import in my SCAL 3, the dropdown menu lists:


Hope that helps.


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Re: Newbie question

Post by mitsim »

I've been working with ecal for a while (same as scal, but for the eclips). I always save my ai files as svg file, so I thought I'd try the import function and see if it works. And, it works just fine. I was able to import an ai file and it opened just like my svg files would.

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Re: Newbie question

Post by RickTomlinson »

I just fired up my new MH series plotter today and it's working great off SCAL 3 Pro. The only file type in my library that does not have support is dxf, which I use for CNC. Inkscape handles conversions between vector formats quite well for free. So far I'm also pretty happy with the image trace function in SCAL. It's giving me better results than Inkscape or Illustrator, because it was designed with vinyl cutting in mind. So raster graphics (jpeg, png, etc.) are working well for me, too.

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