GO KINGS needed please

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GO KINGS needed please

Post by ilovesharpei »

Hello! I am not so great at creating SVG files; even words. My Fiance is wanting me to make a 4" size 'GO' and a 6" size KINGS welded together. I wanted a fairly chunky font and again 2 pieces one piece with 'GO' and one piece with 'KINGS'.

Any chance one of you wonderful folks already have something or anyone willing to create for me? It would make my Fiance very happy.
Thanks in advance!!

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Re: GO KINGS needed please

Post by papasue »

Hello, can you tell us what version of the cutting software you have (SCAL1, SCAL2, SCAL3 or eCAL. Do you want the file in one of these formats or do you want it in Inkscape. Text usually doesn't import/trace very well from Inkscape to SCAL so it does make a difference. Having the right SCAL file would most probably serve you better than an svg.

In the future if you could be specific about what tools you are using you will get a better, quicker response.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Susan E

Mac 10.12.6 Sierra, eCAL 1.506, ECAL2.023, SCAL4Pro, Export Plug-in, Inkscape 48, iPad/scal3

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