Huge Bug In Latest Version of SCAL5 Pro 5.082

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Huge Bug In Latest Version of SCAL5 Pro 5.082

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Hoping someone else can try this and see if they get the same result. I updated to 5.082 a couple of days ago and today was importing some png images for a print and cut. However whenever I select an imported image and select (Print & Cut) Print Only from the Cut Line Type (Style menu), what happens is SCAL now detaches the cutline from the image rather than getting rid of it. Then when you move the image around, the cut line just remains where it is.

The objects are still linked as if I select the cutline and delete it, the image also gets deleted. Also the coordinates in Position and Size relate to the now-detached cutline and NOT the image. If I move the image around, the coordinates don't change. Also even though I can select the cutline, there's no way to move it around and it gets "stuck" at the point it was detached from the original png.

The attached screenshot hopefully explains what I mean. Can someone try and replicate this and see if it's just me or a bug in the update? Long and short if it though is that I can't do any PnC at all at the moment!
detached cutline problem.jpg
detached cutline problem.jpg (13.38 KiB) Viewed 155172 times
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