Cutting size error

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Cutting size error

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Hi all,
I have an issue with scal 5 pro and its that it cuts small items perfect in size but if I cut the same item 2-3 times larger it is 1.3mm to large. o I adjust the scale and get that right then the smaller parts are to small. Im using a smurf cutter but it said its accuracy is very good. Is there a crossover where by you need to rescale items if they reach a certain size? How small an adjustment can you make in the scaling for the cutter settings, I went from 25.625-26.635 and it wouldnt save it. If you can help me here Id be very greatful.
Just to add the parts are the same sizes in SCAL and CAD.
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Re: Cutting size error

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Most cutters require a calibration be performed in order to be precise on both width (belt resolution) and length (wheel resolution). The bigger the cut, the more error that will be seen but performing the steps in the following tutorial should get your cutter within its designated accuracy. Note, however, that other factors can affect the accuracy such as cut speed. ... share_link

Post if you have any other questions. I don't know your particular brand or model of cutter but often the solutions to issues are somewhat generic from one to the next.
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