Printer colour management in SCAL

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Printer colour management in SCAL

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I've been using SCAL5 Pro and my Skycut cutter to create custom vinyl stickers via Print and Cut. However, I have noticed that when I print that some of the colours are waaay off what I'm seeing on the screen. I know colour management is a big issue in graphic design and I have a really good Dell monitor and colours are calibrated using a Spyder colour device, so the monitor image is correct.

I've been investigating colour management from the printer side and learning about ICC profiles, printer drivers etc. I currently have a Canon Pixma Pro 100s which is a good professional level printer so should be able to reproduce what I'm seeing on the screen. I've been advised that I need to get an ICC profile created for the combination of printer / ink / vinyl sticker paper that I'm using, but the issue I have is that if I do this I have no idea if SCAL will allow me to select the ICC printer profile when it's printing. I know more complex image editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc allow you to do this (in fact they they have a lot of colour management options) but I don't think SCAL has?

This is a bit technical but does anyone know how SCAL manages colour when printing? I'm assuming it doesn't have any colour management of it's own and just goes through the printer driver settings...does anyone know if this is correct?

As an alternative I was wondering if it's possible to export the SCAL PnC file (including the registration marks) and then import into a software package that does have colour management, then print from there and then cut on the cutter?

Thanks :)
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