Help with downloaded files

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Terry Lynn
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Help with downloaded files

Post by Terry Lynn »

I downloaded a file from iStock that is a jpg and an Ai file. I tried to convert it to a svg in Inkscape but my Sure Cuts A Lot still won't load it. It says there is no vector file associated with it. Can anyone help me? I have been trying for over 6 hours now.
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Re: Help with downloaded files

Post by papasue »

Terry, did you try tracing the jpg file in Inkscape or scal?

When you tried to convert the AI file did you do a save as an svg in ink save not an .ai file?

What version of SCAL are you using since I can open and save as any AI file and then open in eCAL/scal3.
Susan E

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Help with downloaded files

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so I installed the software but I dont see what I am expecting to see

it says .. PLCSIM - thats not the portal?

and when I click it , just shows a little box with a power button and
run, stop etc ..

I want the portal running.. can anyone help out

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Re: Help with downloaded files

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What software are you referencing? What version did you install? PC or Mac? And finally, can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?
Sandy McCauley
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