PLEASE Allow Users to Retain Global Settings

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PLEASE Allow Users to Retain Global Settings

Post by ButchZ »

A few things, I thunk could be improved,as it is repetitive when opening and closing SCAL.

#1 - Please allow for users to keep GLOBAL settings such as:
Full Screen Library (When Icon Clicked)
Default Page Background Color. It defaults to Blank with each NEW Project and I have t manually add a rectangle, resize it to the mat, change the color, send to bottom in Layers Panel, and Lock it. A lot of work to view White Designs each time
Panel Layers Vertical Height Size
Allow FULL SCREEN Window when Scaling (Automatically, instead of resizing each time)

One would think that saving a Workspace, would retain whats on the screen, but it doesnt with the above requested settings

I hope this is in the works, as these few things, I find annoying using SCAL

Please think of users and keeping settings to avoid repetition!


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Re: PLEASE Allow Users to Retain Global Settings

Post by spawnreaper »

have the exact same problem. Its very uncomfortable to not be able to change the background color. Wonder why they dont change it. Do they even watch this forum?

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