2021 Wish List!

Tell us the features you want to see in Sure Cuts A Lot
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2021 Wish List!

Post by Createinspain »

First, let me say that SCAL has come on in leaps and bounds since I first started using it! As always though, there are always things that can be added. If there is something you'd like to see please add below.

Effects Warping to fit text to shape as an effect, is something that is often wanted by card makers or scrapbookers.
Nesting (randomised) to fit a shape rather than a page.
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Re: 2021 Wish List!

Post by avogra »

Just switched from MTC to SCAL5. What an improvement! Finally metric units (!!!), far less cluttered, ... The whole software makes a far more mature impression. Yet, there is always room for improvement ;-) For information, I'm using SCAL version 5.048 for a KNK Zing Air. These are the things I would love to see:

Bugs / little quirks & improvements
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New Features
  • Allow to zoom the mat (and other views) using Ctrl+Mousewheel -> I think that is very standard for most graphical applications and intuitively, my hands expect that to work.
  • Separate speed settings for cutting and travelling (blade up) for the Zing Air -> Even if I cut really slowly, I usually want travels to be as fast as the material allows.
  • Allow to place registration marks manually -> that would be awesome! Sometimes, I use print+cut for cutouts of an existing photograph, so there is no way to "print" registration marks. Instead I could use existing features like the corners of the photograph as a reference. Or if I want to align different tools to the same marks, that would also simplify alignment.
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