SCAL5 Pro / Adobe Illustrator 2021

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SCAL5 Pro / Adobe Illustrator 2021

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Hey all - long time SCAL user that recently upgraded my iMac to the new and SCAL5 Pro but can't get anything that I try and import to cut like I used to on the older Mac/SCAL. I've downloaded the AI plug in and dropped it into the correct folder but nothing seems to be working. I've attached a screenshot of the iMac specs as well as the error that keeps popping up to see if that helps make sense of it - the plotter is an older Vinyl Express Q75.



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Re: SCAL5 Pro / Adobe Illustrator 2021

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Most likely, your Mac isn't recognizing the cutter for what it is. In the Cut Settings window in SCAL5, if you click on Test Connection, does the cutting head move?

Also, did you verify the Baud Rate between SCAL (click on the Settings buttons in that Cut Settings window) with what your cutter requires or has set? A mismatch will cause the cutter to do nothing... not respond.

If the Baud Rate is for sure not the issue, you'll need to research your cutter's driver requirements and see if you need to install something on your new Mac in order to have cutter recognized. It was my understanding that USB connected cutters would not have an issue with the latest Big Sur O/S updates. But who knows. :(
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