Which machine do you recommend?

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Which machine do you recommend?

Post by Darstvader »

Hi all - newbie here!

Was wanting some advice if you'd be kind enough to offer it!

I basically want to know which machine you'd recommend to use with SCAL and why.

I scrapbooked a lot years ago and gave all my stuff away 5 years ago when going through a divorce and moving out etc. Now I'm wanting to do it again as I've missed it so much.
I used to have a Cricut Expression I used with SCAL but now that's a much harder thing to do and I just want a machine that's gonna work with SCAL and not be complicated.

Just scrap booking and card making are all I need it for. Would really appreciate your responses. Thanks!

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Re: Which machine do you recommend?

Post by papasue »

I am very happy with the Sizzix eclips2 and ecal. Check out all the features on the Sizzix website.
Susan E

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Re: Which machine do you recommend?

Post by SandyMcC »

Check out the new KNK Zing Orbit. It cuts a wide range of materials and has extremely high cutting resolution for intricate shapes. It cuts up to 15" in width and the open blade holder seat allows you to directly insert your own pens, markers, glue pens, other brands of cutting tools, etc. I was a tester for the final model and wrote the user manual for it. I LOVE this cutter:

Sandy McCauley
Owner of http://www.iloveknk.com/

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