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New computer

Post by ScrappyKat »

Can ECAL/SCAL be placed onto a second computer? Bought my husband a new laptop for Father's Day and he doesn't like it. He's used to Vista and the new one has Windows 7. Doesn't adapt well to change. I can return it to Costco oe swap with him. Can I download ECAL and SCAL on to the new one? Does anyone know is they will work on the new version of Windows that's due out soon.

Also, anyone have any strong feelings either way regarding eCraft? I haven't tried mine since before the last SCAL update.

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Re: New computer

Post by alliellis »

I have ECAL on 2 computers both work great.


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Re: New computer

Post by gj1 »

I use to have it on two computers, also, and I believe I had to contact Support to make it let them know the situation with a brief explanation.

If you look at the faq's...there are leads to how to get started with the various situations we all encounter. Good luck.
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Re: New computer

Post by mitsim »

You shouldn't have to contact CE for putting it on a second computer. You are automatically able to put it on 2. Just have to remember if you decide you're not going to use it on one of them, to deactivate it, so that when you do decide to use the 2nd installation, you'll still be able to do so.

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New computer

Post by AlexeiFE »

What would it cost to build a top of the line desktop computer with the best parts possible?

I bought a Lenovo computer and the power supply was loud. Dell machine and the fan is loud. Time to do things myself.

Is there a store online that will do this?

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Re: New computer

Post by SandyMcC »

This forum is targeted for a specific software program called Sure Cuts A Lot versus being a general computer forum. You will get better input by finding a forum dedicated to this topic... building your own computer. Good luck.
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