13 inch Silver Bullet For Sale

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13 inch Silver Bullet For Sale

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For Sale 13 inch Silver Bullet Computerized Professional Grade Cutting Machine

$800 or Reasonable offer (Paid $1100). Will ship in the USA & it will be additional costs.

Less than a year old and has had very little use. This machine is great in fact it is a monster for cutting, but it does a lot more than I need for a cutting machine. Would be great for a person wanting to start a business or already has one going and needs a faster cutting machine which cuts all kinds of materials

What will it cut?
Cardstock, pap rubber, gasket material, vinyl, thin films, stencil material, fabric, Tyvek, glass paper, paper cloth, laminating mediums, thin veneer (both regular and sticky back), tissue paper, closed cell foam core, mylar, fake fur, clay, magnetic material, shrink plastic, template plastic, Teflon, felt, shelf liner, leather (must verify with us what type) metals (must verify with us), fondant, wood paper, thin balsa wood, sailcloth, flag material, coffee filters, styrene, and so much more. The determining factors are the thickness or the density of the media.

What comes with the Machine?
• USB Cable, Serial Cable and power cord.
• Slightly used Full-size mat to the machine (whatever size the machine X 15”)
• 4 individual 45 Degree Blades (used for lightweight paper and vinyl)
• 5 individual 60 Degree Blade (used for card stock up to a cereal box weight of chipboard
• Standard Blade Holder
• Click Blade Holder (number depth of blade)
• Test Pen
• Stabilization Table included (front & back)
Does not include cutting software, it will have to be purchased separately.

*****Recommended program for running machine: (not included)****
Sure Cuts A Lot v5 http://surecutsalot.com/
Dimensions 25.0 x 9.5 x 10.0 in, Weight 24 pounds
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13 inch Silver Bullet For Sale

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it these are still for sale can you please send me pictures and how much you want for them
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