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Spacing help

Post by mwu »

I'm wanting to do 2 things to this before cutting: some of the outlines on "yan" and "may" look very tight esp where there is solid red and what to do with it to make it a clean cut. Secondly, I want to move the spacing on "Est." and tried the tracking method but it didn't do anything for me. Screen shot is attached....TIA!
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Re: Spacing help

Post by papasue »

What vs of scal/ecal r u using and on what OS Mac or Win?
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Re: Spacing help

Post by SandyMcC »

I saw this same post on Facebook and she has SCAL4 and a Scan N Cut machine.

Mwu, you can select the text and go to Object>Ungroup. Then click away so that nothing is selected. Then you should be able to click on individual letters and move them. Once you have the letters positioned, as desired, select all of it and go to Path>Union.
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Re: Spacing help

Post by Damoms »

When you say you added a custom perforation, does that mean you didn't create it using the Line Style setting on the Fill & Stroke Panel?


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