SCAL 2 to 4 questions....

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SCAL 2 to 4 questions....

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Hi. I was a user of SCAL 1 and 2 and I hated all the little pop up windows all over the place and trying to move them around while trying to design anything so when MTC hit the market, I admit it, I jumped ship. I loved having everything in one normal program. Sadly, all these years later, MTC is no longer doing updates and I am again looking into SCAL and hoping it has improved it's interface. Is there a trial of SCAL 4 to try to see if it has changed? Also, I have head that since I am still a SCAL 2 owner, that I can still use my cricut and create my files in SCAL 4 and cut in SCAL 2. Is that also correct? Where can I find information on this? I also own a Silhouette Cameo now and have heard SCAL is compatible with it. Also, is their an upgrade fee or do I just have to purchase the program all over again?

Thanks. I appreciate any insights you all may have and hoping it has improved significantly! It always had good functions if the interface was just more user friendly. I've actually heard good things about it lately, so I am hoping! :-)

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Re: SCAL 2 to 4 questions....

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You can download a trial version from here
You cannot cut but you will experience the updated interface before you purchase
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