Slow, Stuttered Cutting with Eclips2

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Slow, Stuttered Cutting with Eclips2

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I've been using my Eclips2 for a few weeks now, after switching off of a Cricut. I've cut a number of things over the past week, but I was cutting gift tags today and the machine went from fast, accurate cuts to pausing before switching angles and curves. It takes about five times as long to make the same cut now. I've used internet files, files made in Inkscape, and files from the eCal library and they all have the same issue. I've also reinstalled, checked speed settings, and manually reset the machine. Sizzix support was unhelpful.

Any insight or experience would be well appreciated.

Tl;d: Stuttered cuts around curves and straights, with no apparent cause

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Re: Slow, Stuttered Cutting with Eclips2

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Just a thought....try setting your speed setting a little lower. Tags are usually not complicated and not knowing what computer or operating system you are using, it could be a matter of how the data is streaming to the software.
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Re: Slow, Stuttered Cutting with Eclips2

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Additional thought...there may be a lot of nodes in the design which can cause the stuttering. Do a path/simplifiy to see how many nodes you can delete.

Let us know!
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