Southwest All Stars

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Re: Southwest All Stars

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I'm back! My Little League is playing again this year and they ordered decals. This is the 12th year. Sadly, the person who used to run the leagues passed away a couple of years ago. I have a new contact and things are going well. I have SCAL 3 and 4, but I use 3 to cut my decals. I figured out a shortcut a couple of years ago and it really saves some time. I line up all the decals into 1 SVG file and then I import the SVG. I grab 6 artworks at a time and then I cut them and paste them into a new page. I do that with however many artworks I have. I then cut each page. It saves so much time doing all this in advance. All I have to do is load up the vinyl and cut the next page. I was able to cut 89 decals last night in about 4 hours. I will weed them tonight.

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