HELP!!!!! Newbie and in dire need of help to be crafty

Discuss various cutting machines for SCAL
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HELP!!!!! Newbie and in dire need of help to be crafty

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OK, here is the complete situation in a very short and compact breakdown.... I have had the Cricut Expression 2 purchased brand new with the complete deluxe starter kit ( yes, I know I’m a sucker ) after buying I shelled out money ( 39.99 ) for mundane and very limited cartridges that I found lacking in authenticity and and any kind of creativity.. so I quickly lost interest in my new hobby. I recently got a very thoughtful gift from a wonderful friend and when I inquired about it, I was informed that the machine used was a circuit expression 1 and that the software was sure cuts a lot!!! I was excited and immediately searching on the site she gave me, only to be told that the software was not compatible to My computer ( Mac Book Pro ). So I need to have all the help and insight I can get!!!!!
1. Which Program is the cheapest Program that I can purchase and play and check out the software and all? and of course what is the price? Remember it is for a MacBook Not Windows... apparently Windows is much cheaper.
2. Do you recommend this software rather than purchasing a new machine? As of right, now I am looking at all my options... so please share any machines that you have used and loved, liked or that I should stay away from!!!!!
3. I am not looking to purchase the latests and best programs, because like I said if I don’t like it. I may update to a completely new machine.
PLEASE any information and suggestions and comments in general is greatly appreciated... any tips, highlights of the programs and you know likes, loves, perks, improvements, cons, and dislikes leave a note. I await and look forward to any replies..

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Re: HELP!!!!! Newbie and in dire need of help to be crafty

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I think you will find that a lot of us "old-timers" have a very bad taste in our mouths about ProvoCraft, the makers of the Cricut. Their customer service was horrible and the machines seemed to have problems quite regularly. For that reason alone I would never recommend the Cricut. You have already discovered another of the issues, the cartridges. I liken them to buying a song album on which you may like three of the songs, with SCAL, in my opinion the best software for use with the machines, you have unlimited supplies of fonts, and files available. Both here and on many sites that sell or share their files. As far as the machines go, you will have to decide what you really want to do with it. Most of them will cut vinyl and cardstock but if you want to cut anything heavier or have the option to engrave etc. you will want something different. I have a Silver Bullet and had the Black Cat before it and I have been very happy with both machines and the customer service. You can check it out at There are also youtube videos about both SCAL and the SB and many of those have been done by Penny Duncan who also has free files on her site (Sorry my computer is being stupid and won't let me copy and paste the sites.)
I am sure others will weigh in here but you asked for our opinions and that is mine. Good luck in your search.

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