Sure Cuts A Lot Update 1.015

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Re: Sure Cuts A Lot Update 1.015

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Since I have the SCAL already, do I need to buy it again to get this update? How important is this update?
Thanks for your help.

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Re: Sure Cuts A Lot Update 1.015


OK HELP I've never had a problem with doing and upgrade until now help.......when i downloaded on surecuts page when the install was running an error popped up that said cannot overwrite exe. file now it wont do anything so I need someone to tell me what I gotta do thanks in advance

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Re: Sure Cuts A Lot Update 1.015

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Can someone tell me WHY I would need to update. I bought version 1.0. Have had no troubles but am curious if there is something I need to know about updating. thanks! :?

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Re: Sure Cuts A Lot Update 1.015

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If you are happy with SCAL1 there is no reason to purchase the upgrade. SCAL2 has some great new features (and a few bugs).
It allows tracing of simple images directly in SCAL.
It uses layered svg files for easy manipulation of layered or multi piece cuts.
It imports svg files at the size that they were made.
Improved handling when rotating objects, and the move arrows stay at the upper left corner
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