SCAL for eCraft machines

Discuss various cutting machines for SCAL
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Re: SCAL for eCraft machines

Post by nannybo »

I am cutting vinyl on ecraft. Do so on many other things I am using scal3 . now it cuts lines though my letters. Help? thanks in advance

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Re: SCAL for eCraft machines

Post by jacquiehill1114 »

I am really struggling figuring out how to use scal3 with my new E craft....really missing my cricut

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Re: SCAL for eCraft machines

Post by Grammyof6 »

I wish I had some vidieos to watch. I am trying to make the switch but my eclips has been sitting because there is so much I do not know how to do. I am willing to learn if someone could point me in the right direction.
Thank you,

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Re: SCAL for eCraft machines

Post by sstehman »

If you start with a search of YouTube, you will find some help there. Also search this forum and there are some eClips topics and links to blogs with tutorials. Just jump in and start playing with it and I'm sure you will be fine.

If you get stuck on specific features, post your questions here and others that have the machine will help you out.

Good luck.
Sandy in PA

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SCAL for eCraft machines

Post by KaputinRop »

Indeed. There is no need for dynamically resizable vector graphics or anything like that. Just a few presets of sizes would do fine.

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SCAL for eCraft machines

Post by SolRop »

Thanks for the pointer. Will have to get this Eagle SW you mentioned.
Will follow up when I know more.
Jack Crow aka Radio Mike

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