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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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A link to a gallery page has been added
Here is the direct URL ... allery.php

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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WOW>. The entries thus far look awesome.. Thank you craftedge for allowing us to do this..

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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The entries are amazing!!!!!! The Gallery looks AWESOME and I hope everyone will make a post and PLUS be entered to win the BIG PRIZES in the drawing. Yay, I love what I see...

I thought now I would edit this to add my comments about the entries posted:

Butterfly, What a FUN KIDS PROJECT design, and with many linked together it would make a GREAT decoration...COOL idea.
Love the scalloped edges inside and out.

Then, there is mine :)

Kim, AWESOME decorative edge and twisted mat, and an easel card like I have never seen before...VERY unique fold. Very designer and...

Then, there is mine :)

Papasue, Your Print and Cut ideas and talent has truly been my inspiration to learn I owe you MANY thanks. Your card design is perfect.

Jan, Jan, Jan...TOO GOOD! I am glad this is not a real competition thing. You sure know how to work the papers and dimensional aspect of a card, with all the textures and eye catching components making a wonderful finished design.

Cori, SO PERFECT is the SHAPES CARD. Looks like the real Marmite Jar! Your attention to detail is spot on. Is that spread salty?

Mark, OUTSTANDING. What a GREAT idea to make a REAL clock. WOW!!! GREAT JOB!!!

Teresa, hmmm, mysterious and eye and black and you really used many different textures which show

Well, by scratchy it is JoAnn's BOX OF LOVE. That handle looks extremely intricate, and it sits PERFECTLY along side...

Denise's unusual folded box, I can not even imagine how these boxes were accomplished. They look very difficult, and you have both made them so crisp and with exceptional folds.

Now...I hope others will get cuttin'. I will probably not critique all that is posted myself...but perhaps others will begin to share some comments on all the hard work. I personally want to thank everyone who has shared to this point.

OH BOY...more entries...

Ana, Your Spirelli Heart Valentine Card is TREMENDOUS! I ABSOLUTELY adore it!!!

Angela B, Cupid is just waiting and hoping for LOVE to find its way. I love the folded forward hearts, papers and the velvet ribbon is such a nice touch.

JenC, you did a FANTASTIC job on creating your LOVE POTION BOTTLE. Oh my goodness it is cut with so many layers and the way you dressed it up with the addition of the charm you made is another FANTASTIC.

Ann,"Whoo Whoo", 2 entries from YOU...they are cute as can be. I love the scalloped shadow around those letters.

Veronica, TWO for YOU too, YAY, and they are lovely. The card shows a lot of work with elements and I love how the sentiment is placed. The bag is GREAT and gives me such inspiration as I am trying to learn to make these.

Oh my goodness..the two most recent additions to the gallery are just as cute as can be!
Treshia, your mobile is really wonderful...such a lovely decoration, and must have been a lot of work to create.
JoAnn, your card is darling and contains all of the elements that make a great card...I love the thin red edging which makes everything pop. Both of these projects are absolutely precious and it is obvious that each was made with all your love.

I have continued to think about the last two entries even after my first post regarding them. I imagine that perhaps JoAnn's card is for her husband, and how sweet it is to still have a charmed love as we grow older, sharing kisses right along with all the tough stuff like flooded basements :) But really, her card is more than just little characters on least to me, I see more.
And Treshia's mobile is so symbolic of that type of loving relationship. I said earlier that it must have been a lot of work to create, but what I was thinking was how tough it must have been to balance the whole thing! And then as the thoughts of the two posts came together, I realized what a balancing act love is with all the many necessary requirements to make it work. How fitting it is that these two projects should be side by side. Just lovely.

Wonderful, wonderful...we are finishing out this day with FOUR MORE submissions to the Valentine Challenge!!!

Sheila, Completely professional in your delivery of your designs, right down to the wonderful photography...congrats on a GREAT project(s)(3 in 1)!!!

Toaster, your Ring of Hearts is SUPERB!! Exactly the type of file design I love. EXCELLENT work and I love the background paper.
PLUS #2 entry for YOU...Love You Heart and Sole...with a little fillet too, I see :) TOOO CUTE, what a GREAT FUN CARD!

Cindy, MY MY your Vintage Valentine table decor is exquisitely made!! You make shopping thrift ABSOLUTELY elegant.
AND, this morning now, I see your "Cupid Tag". This is what I said outloud to myself..."WOW, that is so COOL!" It is BEAUTIFUL!
I love the use of the dictionary definition...very very creative!

Gina A., your LOVE YOU card is such a soft and lovely shade of pink. Your open hearts and arrow is a wonderful design! I LOVE your background and the pen and gems final touches...BEAUTIFUL!!

Sherry, your Spin Card is ALL VALENTINE! It is, to me, what the day is all lovin' and playful. I just love this card idea.
Good going on thinking this up...and it is put together so perfect with wonderful papers and layout and the spinner makes it a real game.

Katie, your Valentine Heart Box is the BOMB!!! And I mean that in the most complementary way. WOWZERS!!! Hard to believe it was all once white cardstock...but I know it can happen...just wasn't aware it could get this good. EVERYTHING...PERFECT...what an AMAZING project!!!

Teresa, I ABSOLUTELY love your WILL YOU BE MY CUPCAKE mobile!! I can imagine it was a lot of work. All of the cupcakes look tastey and sweet. The writing with the pen looks so fantastic!! I love the touch of ribbon. Your daughter's heart will surely be touch by this. Your love for her is in each piece. It is AMAZING!!!

Shelly, I love this heart is so delicate and I like the lacey look to it and the way some of the hearts are raised. The papers are do GREAT work!

Michelle, the boxes for your son's school are just TERRIFIC!!! Great papers and very excellent box design...I love the additional hearts and ribbon and they are going to be the best wrapping for some sweet treats.

Claire, I love, love, LOVE what you did with your project...I would REALLY like to know how you made the scalloped heart with the rhinestone feature in SCAL2? Oh my goodness, this turned out sooooooo nice with your stamping, and the entire layout is EXCELLENT!

Lori, I am loving your Valentine Card "Recipe for Love". The background and how you made that is REALLY good, plus the layout of the chef against the white circle looks like a plate on a placemat. Your colors are EXCELLENT and the vellum sentiment works great. Very nice chef silhouette.

Staci, What an AMAZING scrapbook layout!!! I bet you are excited to put your photos on those pages...I would be! The way you have place all the wonderful papers and cuts is EXCELLENT. I love the little hearts on the frog's cheeks!! Just as cute as can be!!!

Amy, WOW!!! I LOVE this project!!! What a GREAT gift box!!! It is so lovely and the embellishments are wonderful. The flower you made is GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! Your photo display is really dressed up with the candies. GREAT JOB!!!

Linda, OMG...what an AMAZING topiary project!! Just AMAZING!! You are one talented this!! Your flowers are GORGEOUS!!! So MUCH handy creativity in this one!!

Candice, Your candy wrappers are CUTE as can be and will be PERFECT for a surprise packaged treat. Glad the file was quick and easy...that is just how I like them.

Lora, Your finished card design turned out SO LOVELY!!! It was kind of you to share it on the board :) I love how you shadowed it and added the pearls, writing and outline with the ribbon for the final touch. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Kelsie94, Let's talk 'PROFESSIONAL' !!! Your scrapbook LO is EXCEPTIONAL...LOOK what YOU made! I LOVE how you designed the bear in 3 different really you created THREE DIFFERENT bears...ALL with such CUTE FACES!!! Your border is PERFECT. LOOK at your wagon and tree...CUTE CUTE right down to the heart grass and falling hearts!!! You should be SO pleased with this.

Sharen...thanks for taking us to page 3 with your projects. The heart you used in 'Mom's Valentines', made of all connected hearts is fabulous. I LOVE it!!! And, the photo opening is cut in scallop! WONDERFUL this is!! With the glitter hearts and red ones too...pure magic. Nice family photo, too!

Sharen,...and #2 inside of card with cupid, plus white on red(LOVE that red paper)... ALL GORGEOUS!!! is Todd's project posted now! Your HEART MESH is an intricate and lovely design. It can not be easy to get so many images to fit proper and look so nice as you are able to do. Sorry to hear your original project idea could not be completed...but, no matter, you absolutely never disappoint with your sharing and caring with this group. To top it all off you have brought up many of your older heart designs on the board today for others to use. YOU are #1 !!!

Paige, you are starting this week off RIGHT with your EXPLODING BOX. You are TOO GOOD right from the start as a beginner!
Look at this wonderful project you made...every detail equisitely fashioned. Love the files used, papers, FLOWERS, and EVERYTHING!! You go girl!!!

Ashley, Your Valentine's Subway Art vinyl frame is SUCH FUN to look many elements. Love how you bordered the bottom with heart flowers, and the corner with flourish of hearts. This project is as cute as can be!! I would LOVE to see the other ones you have made. GOOD GOING!!!

Gwen, I really REALLY love your KEY TO HEART card. The papers almost look like wood to me, and look to have cut so crisp.
I love the designs you used...the mat and border are so cool. EXCELLENT and I am glad that you enjoy doing this so much.

Ashley...I love your bottles...OH MY GOODNESS you even got the caps back on the bottles. It is not easy to put vinyl on a rounded surface and you did GREAT! They are soooo cute. And your frame shows a lot of work and is the PERFECT one for your lovely family photo.

Jenann, I intently studied your Love Letters Mailbox...WOW, I love the font images you used. I have to look for them!
Your flowers are GREAT!!! I love how the box opens differently from most that I have seen. You did a TERRIFIC job with this.

Linda, I love your Valentine Mailbox and can not even tell how it is put looks seamless. I also love the printed paper, it is very nice with it's borders. The entire project looks put together so PERFECT. I like the tab drop box, clip heart, AND the heart "i". OUTSTANDING!!

Lori, I ABSOLUTELY love a card that seems to tell a story. This one is about a mom with a small boy who likes to swing in the country tire swing, and this mom's love shown in her everyday efforts to provide what is needed. It looks like she has a heart filled with love, is enjoying the BEAUTIFUL day, and is glad to do it. Your papers and cuts, plus dimension are EXCELLENT! Your card is thought provoking and stirs emotion. I think that makes it "real" art.

Deloris, OOOOOOOh, I think this card is SOOOO SWEEEET! Your frog is ADORABLE!!! Dots or swirls are my favorite embossings. YOU did a GREAT job creating YOUR VERY OWN design. I LOVE those lips - YES!! GOOD GOING!!! The eyes are as good as the googley ones also.

Shannon, Your card design is REALLY CREATIVE!!! Thank you for all the instructions for how to make it. I do believe your flowers are the BEST EVER! You are so kind to share them all. I love the simplicity of papers that you that is what I do too. However, you are so skilled with just the correct amount of added touches which dress it up. OUTSTANDING project!!!

Yay Beth...TWO PROJECTS from you today...I am so happy!! Your LOVE BANNER is such a nice decoration. I love the shadowed font and scallop circles. The flags look great embossed and the decorative edge medallions are REALLY WONDERFUL!!! The ribbon and bows, tied so nice, are a GREAT finishing touch.

And Beth, Your CHARGER PLATE is so pretty. I did not know there is a wonderful Love font that you used, I like the gold color. The red charger plate is so shiney and bright and with the white vinyl heart and the word Love is so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Adria, Your TWO entries give the Challenge 55 TOTAL! And I LOVE your 'SIMPLE VALENTINE' card. The simplicity of it keeps it ELEGANT!! GREAT paper and cut choices! LOVE the brad for the flower center!! And...

Adria, Cute as can be, is your SOCCERBALL Valentine card...some little Valentine is going to LOVE receiving this!!!

Chery, SCAL2 is the BEST...Oou LA LA...the box file you made is AWESOME..congratz! Your mums with vellum and flower soft look so professional. I love the corner cuts...where IS that free file download? Just FYI...SCAL2 has a heart in the Basic Shape Library.
Wonderful project!

Marie, Your Glittler Hearts Card is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!! I love the cuts used and the unique method of creating it. The silver paper and glitter are a perfect combo + the added touch with the heart charm makes it warm and delightful.

Pam, Your 'Delivering a Busload of Love' card...OMG, I want those kids and that bus!!! YOU made a FANTASTIC print and cut card!!! I am jealous, it looks soooooooooo good!!! I like the added STOP signal sign....COOL!!!

Heather, Your card is so ELEGANT!!! I love the hearts mat overlay and how you used the glitter paper inside the heart openings. The background paper is BEAUTIFUL and your bow is the GREATEST!!!

Eleanor, Your 'Heart Cake Wrap' is SPECTACULAR!!! What a TERRIFIC presentation this will make!! It must have been difficult to create. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!

Lauren, Your 'Circle Card' is WONDERFUL!!! I love the tag for the sentiment and the balloon with the scroll string. Embossed images dress a card up so nice and I love what you used.

Gwen, Your 'Love is Beautiful' frame is a terrific project!!! I love the glitter paper and polka dot ribbon and paper. Polka dots are one of my favs. That is the CUTEST little heart flower EVER, and what you did to the buttons makes them look antique.

Heather, Your 'Hugs & Kisses' card is SWEEET!!! Love the mat edge and tiny font at the bottom. The colors are fun and cheery. My grandma use to put xoxo in all of her cards. Your card made me think of her...thanks for that moment.

Lenae, Thanks for the 'Double Sided Pocket' instructions on your blog! What a cute little holder to find easily in your purse!!
I like the heart looks like print and cut. And your paper is BEAUTIFUL!!

Linda, Your 'Popup Heart Wreath Trifold Card' is truly AMAZING! I love the mat appearance on the front. Your LOVE design is BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could see it in action...sounds AWESOME!

Sheila, Your 'Heart Shaped Cone' to hold sweet treats is ABSOLUTELY EXQUISITE! I love the vintage look. The paper and flowers and frame are BEAUTIFUL!! I love the ribbon on the top edge. WONDERFUL!!!

Rebecca, Thank you for your double entries..your first one, the 'Filled With Love For You' card is AWESOME, AWESOME! I love the heart image and font that you used sooooooo much!! I did not know there were black stickles. And...

Rebecca, Your 'Love U' card is FANTASTIC!! I love the color of the paper and the sanded embossing....BEAUTIFUL! Love how you embossed everything, and made the scallop strip look like ribbon...WOW!

Fred, Your 'Love Keepsake Box' is phenomenal!!!! I want one...are you taking orders? It is just MAGNIFICENT!!!! Love the top knob, mirror, etching, vinyl cuts including cherub...GREAT JOB!!!!!

Janekinso, OMG, how clever is the repurposed cd album you made!!!! So CUTE!!! GREAT idea!!! Just decorated WONDERFULLY!!!
Love the ribbon, too. Did you have to drill holes?...I am just wondering.

Pam, Your 'Kiss Me Hearts' sign...OH, what a GOOD message!!! This is an ADORABLE door sign!!! Love the design!!!

Joni, oou la la, your hubby is gonna LOVE THIS!! You really decorated the card nice,...from papers, flourishes, border & flowers...GREAT!!!

Sariah, GORGEOUS GORGEOUS!!! Lovely image and paste up & I love your verses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sariah, BIG WOWZERS on how you folded that basic shapes flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to try this RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks.

Suzy, Your 'Love Always' card is WONDERFUL!!! I love the font...going to get that NOW :) I need to find 3D Crystal Lacquer too, as the small heart has such dimension. GREAT designing on your part with basic shapes. LOVE this!!! are bringing us so close to 80 entries...thank you. You did a GREAT job designing your 'Lacy Scalloped Heart' for your hubby's card. I love the Kiss Me heart also. GREAT papers too!!!

Anne, Your scrapbook page is very nice. It is so cute how you cut the pictures to fit the hearts. I love the borders & your own design. Your dau is going to love this.

Bob, I am really so blown away by your talent and how cool it is that you use SCAL in the process to make your glass creations.
The wine bottle etching that you have made for your wife for Valentines Day is phenomenal to say the very least. It will be a treasured keepsake forever for her and family to come. Oh my goodness there are just not enough descriptive words that I can come up with which really do it justice.

Linda, your Valentine Box with the treats hiding inside is very original and creative. I love how you have made an additional overlay with the hearts that hang off the top, and appear to be held in place by the closure. Very very clever thinking and a perfect gift presentation.

Dan, You really know how to work the various programs to make your project PERFECT in EVERY way!!! I love the simplicity. The font for LOVE looks WONDERFUL. What a nice album gift this makes!!

Dan, Your 3D Heart Card...what a BEAUTIFUL stand up card table decoration!!! Again....PERFECT in EVERY way!!!

Ann, Your 'Heart Entwind Card' cool that you recycled materials!! You did a GREAT job redesigning for your own file. EXCELLENT job!!

Cori, Your 'Love Heart Valentine Card'...SWEEEET...this looks delicious and almost good enough to eat. VERY CHEERFUL with glitter and pink and lilac colors.

Suzy...your 'Valentine Elephant Embellishment' has been made FLAWLESSly! You look to be an expert at paper piecing...which I do not find easy to do at all. This is going to be as CUTE as can be on a scrap page or card.

Nita, your '2 Cute' Conversation Heart onsie is TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! GOOD JOB!!! Look PERFECT!!!

Frieda, I can not believe that you have put us at 86 entries to the Valentine Challenge...thank you for yours(and everyone else)for all the GREAT projects. You have discovered another GREAT way to package the Valentine treats and recycle. GOOD GOING!!! I love how you decorated the peanut butter jar and your explanation and photo are so terrific making it all very understandable.
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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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I'm going to use one of your lattice creations if that's okay???

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

Post by gj1 »

ABSOLUTELY...I would be honored :)

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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I just checked out the gallery. You guys are amazing. Everything looks so cool.

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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Love, love LOVE the gallery! Thanks Craftedge for putting it up. Everyone's projects look fantastic!! Now that we can see them there should be tons of more entries coming soon!

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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Thanks Craftedge for the gallery. I love seeing the work everyone does, we all have such different twists on projects. Thanks also gj1 for your nice comments and hugs and kisses to Todd for allowing me to use his cascading hearts. This forum is full of wonderful people and I really hope that more of them will enter. I would love to see what everyone's style is and what they like to do most. Guess I am a very visual person, keep 'em coming!

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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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Am a bit confused on how the challenge works!

I know it says to create an original project useing scal. But can you use other peoples files
to create your work of art (i.e. card ,scrapbook page and so on)


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Re: SCAL Craft Challenge

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If you don't use your own artwork, you will want to get the permission from the person who created the artwork.