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Discuss various cutting machines for SCAL
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Re: Searching the forums

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Did you try using the search field in the upper right corner?
Sandy McCauley
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Re: Searching the forums

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Wonderful informative post and so helpful.

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Re: Searching the forums

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Searching the forums

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You arent the only one. Im on a Mac, but have tried with Chrome, and Safari to no avail.

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Searching the forums

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Thanks pjknibbs
The forums are almost unusable at the moment. I guess the successful launch of X4 and implementing a new forum design at the same time is more than the servers can cope with.
I will ask my next question on the thread you linked.
If you like you can delete this thread or move it.

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Searching the forums

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Hi Merlyn,

I was searching in the lunge and I find E-zine, it was wonderful But I lost it, and I cant find again, please let me know how I can find this E-Zine.

Thanks again and have a good time

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