Sizzix Ecal machine won't cut

SCAL for the Sizzix eclips
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Sizzix Ecal machine won't cut

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I have been using my machine and it has worked great till yesterday! When I went to cut some vinyl my machine makes the motions like it is cutting but it is not even touching the page. Yes it sometimes cuts out part of a letter or design but for the most part it don't cut. I replaced the blade to see if that could be an issue and cleaned the casing. It reminds me of it trying to draw something and not trying to cut. Please help any information would help. Thanks

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Re: Sizzix Ecal machine won't cut

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You'll need to start a support ticket with Sizzix. It sounds like a repair issue versus a software issue. On other brands of cutters, this could indicate the head cable needs replacing. Of course, it's also important to make sure you haven't missed something obvious like making sure the blade holder is properly seated.
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