Bit of a de..lem...a

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Bit of a de..lem...a

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Don't understand what just happened
I created a project 6 diamond about 1/2 in point to point I grouped them filled each with a pattern and printed it on 3x5 in card stock with reg marks set at .10 Printed out on my epson 2200 w/ min margins. Printed fine.
I saved the project "6diamond narrow" but I did not cut at the time. Next day when I had the time, I opened the project for printing but I noticed the paper size was reset to 8.5x11 so I reset it to the3x5 margins. I went to P&C into setting up my reg points(3) With this set I went to cut. The cut was inside each diamond not on the cut lines in the preview.

Has this happened to others, did I unknowingly change something that caused this issue, is it a known issue or did I find a bug. I have done similar cuts but it's the first time I printed, saved, closed the project then next day start up and did a cut from a previous days work.
Thanks Wyndham

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