roller keeps rolling

SCAL for the Sizzix eclips
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roller keeps rolling

Post by melchache »

every time i turn on my eclips the rollers just keep rolling.does anyone know how i can correct this?

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Re: roller keeps rolling

Post by Ineke »

Maybe cleaning the sensor on the back helps?

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Re: roller keeps rolling

Post by gj1 »

I don't see anything else about this in 'search'...if Ineke's suggestion does not work, contact support for the cutting machine.
Let us know how you get it resolved, here....thanks.
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Re: roller keeps rolling

Post by sstehman »

I had this problem with my first machine. Mine was rolling in reverse so the paper would not even load. Do try wiping the small black sensor on the back left (where the paper runs through the machine.) Do not use anything wet as there is a small hole.

Truthfully, I got a replacement and have not had problems since. They said I had a faulty sensor board.

I would contact Sizzix. They have great customer support.
Sandy in PA

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