ECAL3 - How do you convert PNGs at 144 DPI

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ECAL3 - How do you convert PNGs at 144 DPI

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Hi everyone,

I use ecal3 as designing software and I want to create some PNC files to also open at their true size in Cricut Design Space.

When I export my files as PNGs at 72 DPIs they open in Design Space at the exactly half the size. For example an exported PNG file that originally measures 2" x 4" it would open in Design Space at 1" x 2". That tells me that in order for PNG files to open at their tru size in Cricut Design Space I would need to convert them at a 144 DPI. But in ecal3 I can only export PNGs with preset DPI sizes of of 72, 90, 96, 150, 172, 300 and 600.

If I export it at 150 DPI but when going into Design software from an original 2" x 4" I get a 2.083" x 4.167". I could live with the .083" but .167" is more than an 1/8" and that can make a difference.

Thank you in advance for your help and support,


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