Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

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Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by KMCROTON »

Can anyone explain to me how to print and cut using my Cricut and SCAL2? I've tried to learn this but am so frustrated I'm in desperate need of some direction. Any input will be greatly appreciated as I purchased some print sets from Lettering Delights and really want to use them. Thanks in advance. Kate

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Re: Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by gj1 »

You would open the picture onto the scal virtual mat using File and PLACE image.
Then you would go to FILE and TRACE and then change the top number to 90, possibly if 50 does not give you a good outline trace, and click okay and the outline should go on the mat.

If it is solid color go to View and Outlines Only and check that.

If there are things inside, then you would drag a box around the whole thing and go to Object and Break Apart, and then right click and hide the outline and drag a box around the center stuff and click delete on your keyboard.

Then you would drag this outline into position over top of the printed picture and size as you would like. If you want it to go just outside of the picture then in the Properties Panel on the right you can change the 'normal' to 'shadow' in the Appearance Style.

At the top of SCAL in Windows you can make the Layers panel show. Now, click on the eye to hide the outline and PRINT from within SCAL at FILE PRINT.

Then with a scrap of cardstock put it on your real cutting mat and cut the outline by clicking on the eye to now hide the printed picture and show the outline...cut that. Put some tape along the one edge and lift back like a book page and slide the printed picture under and line up with the cut cardstock on, stick the picture down in that place and remove the top cardstock and cut around your image.
This is called the hinge technique. It is method that is proven to work for sure and causes a low level of

I use that method, mostly for that reason, and prefer not to get into other discussions on how to do it. Not sure, but maybe you can still find video tutorial for calibrating this version for pnc...but not sure. Scal2 is outdated now with scal3 and all the laser cutters, so there is not much discussion on it anymore.

Hope this helps you.
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Re: Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by Car »

I am trying to "place" a png file into SCAL2 to print and cut but each time that I place the file it has a black background. This occurs with numerous files I have tried. This does not happen when I open them in other programs such as Craft Artist 2. Does anyone know how to get rid of this black background so only the element itself appears? Thank You.

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Re: Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by dragonlord666 »

can you post the .png file?

maybe when it was saved it saved with a coloured background.

if not, try opening it in CAP2, then select just the item and try saving it again as a png.

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Re: Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by HeatherM »

What version of SCAL2 do you have? I tried a PNG with a transparent background in 2.043 and SCAL2 added a white background. It's possible that older versions of SCAL2 added black backgrounds to transparent images, there are other programs that do that. You can request the last SCAL2 version from Craft Edge here:

If you are using an older version of SCAL2 you should update to the most current version. If you are using 2.043 or 2.044 one workaround is to open the file in another program and either save as a jpg or place a white background behind the image. HTH

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Re: Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by BobSa »

FWIW ...
Forever ago (4years) I made a video that showed how I cut Walmart 4X6 19 cent prints with SCAL and the Cricut.
First part -- 10 minutes on youtube
Part 2 -- also 10 minutes

Probably easier ways now.
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Re: Print and Cut with Cricut and SCAL2

Post by Car »

Thanks for all your help; I'll give them a try. HeatherM, I was under the impression that if I upgraded my current version of SCAL2 that it would no longer work with my Cricut- I sure am not going to pay ProvoCraft's prices for those cartridges! Thanks again to all. Car

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