Expression 2 cutting an 'entry & exit' line

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Expression 2 cutting an 'entry & exit' line

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Hi all - just bought my first ever Cricut machine, a 2nd hand Expression 2 & I don't know if I'm missing a setting, doing something wrong or there's a fault with it, but whatever design I set it to cut it looks as if the blade is cutting a line from the right-hand edge of the material on its way to the start point, then once the design is cut, it makes another cut line on its way back to it's home position on the right.

Any ideas?

Many thanks (in advance)

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Re: Expression 2 cutting an 'entry & exit' line

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This forum is for those who own the Sure Cuts A Lot 5 software. The Cricut Expressions 2 cannot utilize this program, therefore you won't find users here with your same model. Based on knowing about other cutters, the blade tip should be above the material at the start of the cut so that it can be moved to the proper location to drop and begin cutting. A few reasons why you may be getting those cut lines:

1. The blade exposure is too high.
2. Perhaps using the wrong blade holder? The Expressions 2 would require an older blade holder design and cannot use the latest ones for the Explorer or Maker models.
3. The cutting head on this Expressions is defective in some way and not keeping the blade above the material before it's meant to drop.
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