Printer won't print - help!

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Printer won't print - help!

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Hi there,

I'm new to this forum, so thank you for your patience.

We (wifey and I) are running Sure Cuts a Lot v3 on an iMac OSX, connected via USB cable (via the iMac's non-powered USB port) to an HP4510n black & white laser printer. Our Silver Bullet Pro 24" is also connected to the iMac.

Wifey used to be able to use the Print & Cut feature without printer problems, i.e. clicking on the "Print" button in the Print & Cut menu resulted in the selected image being printed. However, in an (futile) attempt to help her sort out calibration issues, I recently fiddled with the SCAL's settings, which unfortunately resulted in the printer not working anymore, i.e. clicking on the "Print" button now results in the printer displaying on its in-built LCD screen "20: Insufficient memory" and with it spitting out a blank paper with the words "ERROR: limitcheck OFFENDING COMMAND: image" printed in the middle of the paper.

Our troubleshooting attempts included the following:
  • Turning everything off and turning them on again.
    Reinstalling the printer driver.
    Setting the printer's RAM Disk feature to "off" (to try to conserve the printer's memory).
    Resetting the printer (soft reset).
Our observations/comments:
  • The printer prints when using Word for Mac, TextEdit, and other programs. (This leads us to suspect that the issue might lie with SCAL itself, and not the printer or its printer drivers).
    We haven't updated the printer's firmware recently but don't see that as the issue because the printer was working fine before I fiddled with the SCAL settings.
    The image we are trying to print is a simple stock image of a gingerbread person (for Print & Cut testing purposes).
For the life of me, I can't recall what SCAL settings I tweaked (yes, it's alright to roll your eyes at me - wifey certainly did!). I do remember fiddling with the Mat Size, Page Orientation, and some settings in the Print menu...

Needless to say, my (misguided) attempt to be a "Sir Tech-A-Lot" for poor wifey has seriously backfired. I want to be in her good books again, so any advice or troubleshooting tips would be most appreciated!

(By the way, I've searched the forum and could not find anything on this topic. Thanks again!).


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Re: Printer won't print - help!

Post by papasue »

Hi, nice job explaining the issue. I have forwarded your post to the guru's at CraftEdge since they don't regularly follow the forum. Hopefully you will hear from them soon, else you can contact them directly at
Susan E

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Re: Printer won't print - help!

Post by bruce.banner0097 »

What to Do When Your Printer Won't Print a Document

Check Your Printer's Error Lights.
Clear the Printer Queue.
Solidify the Connection.
Ensure You Have the Right Printer.
Install the Drivers and Software.
Add Printer.
Check that Paper Is Installed (Not Jammed)
Fiddle with the Ink Cartridges.

Hope this helps.


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