SCAL 5 Page Tabs

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SCAL 5 Page Tabs

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I live in the UK and use the Brother ScanNcut SDX 1200 cutting machine. Although the Brother Canvas Workspace is OK, it is not as good as SCAL, and as I had been using
SCAL4 on and off for some time, I decided to purchased SCAL5, and I now use this programme instead of Canvas. I have now transferred all my SVG files into SCAL,
I have put them into the 'My Designs' directory and they now appear in the Library - Great.

I still have to use Canvas to get the files wirelessly onto my cutting machine. It now accepts SVG and FCM files so this is also great.

My problem with SCAL5 is not a great one, but it niggles me a little. I have bought from Dreaming Tree a couple of files which contain quite a large number of SVG files,
and have made a couple of projects in SCAL using these files.

One of the Projects requires 21 plus pages to be set up, and I found that on reaching page 8 or 9 (this depends on the length of the tab text) the 'add new page' tag is not visible, and the only way to add a new page is by using the Page drop down menu at the top of the screen. This works fine, but I would like to be able see the tabs at the bottom of the screen as this would make life easier to select the appropriate page. I have now split the project into 3 parts, and this works OK.

Most other programmes which use tabs have a left and right arrow next to the tabs so that they can then be 'scrolled', SCAL does not appear to have this facility.

Hope all this makes sense, and thanks for a great programme.


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