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Feature Suggestions (running list)
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Author:  klkitchens [ Thu May 31, 2018 6:04 am ]
Post subject:  Feature Suggestions (running list)

Coming from the world of MTC to SCAL, I find myself missing some things from there, but also features that don't (appear to) exist in either as well.

I'll add to this as I bump my head on such missing and desired features.

ADDED in v5!!! 1. Multiple Documents... Right now, it seems I can only open a single project at a time. I looked at the Window menu where one would expect to find a list of open projects and nothing. If I want to copy items from one project to another, or "switch gears" or just look at something as a reference, I should be able to.

2. Ability to enter values for adjustments (not just click arrows). Huge pain point here and since you have both other places, not sure why this has not been addressed already.

3. Would love to be able to independently size several items at once. If I click them and enter a size value, it sizes the whole selection. For example, if I have a box that I want to adjust the depth from 1/2" to 3/4" I'd like to be able to select several sides and change the (x or y based on orientation) of all of them to 3/4". A simple checkbox "Size Independently" would do the trick from a UI perspective... and then the code would just respect that and loop through all the selected items.

4. Duplicate a page. I can add a page, then go back and select all (after I unlock the layers if necessary) and then paste on the new page, but what a unnecessary hassle. This goes along with #3 and the lack of #1. I have a page for 1/2" box... then I want to make a 3/4" box, I want to copy that page as my starting point without disrupting an already working page at all.

5. Ability to specify your projects/library folder. Sad to see my recent projects were not added to the library if I stored them in a different folder than the default one (which I do). I keep my drive organized differently and it would be nice to have the program default to the one it normally does, but still let the user specify a different one.

More to come! :)

I do love a lot about the program though and (when I get my Zing fixed) am looking forward to designing my next project in it. The ability to mark an item as "weld" without having to actually weld is AWESOME time saver for me...

Author:  klkitchens [ Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Feature Suggestions (running list)

Keyboard shortcut for NUDGE. I move a lot with the keyboard and it's a pain to get close with the arrows, then have to stop and switch to mouse to use the buttons. We have CTRL-arrow to move the cutter head in small increments. Seems logical that CTRL-arrow would do the same thing in the editor.

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