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Please update SCAL4, list of errors and suggestions
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Author:  Qbrix [ Mon Mar 05, 2018 1:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Please update SCAL4, list of errors and suggestions


I have had a SilverBullet cutter and the SCAL4 software installed for a year or so.
If you consider doing an update of SCAL4, please consider:

1. Either remove "Check for new version" button or even better... actually let it check for a new version ;)
2. The "About SCAL4" menu option really should be the last option in the menu - not the first!
3. The scrollbars look and behave like Windows 3.0! The "new" way scrollbars usually look and behave was updated 25 years ago, so now may be the time to update yours.
4. Zoom with Alt-mousewheel is jumpy and not precise.
5. I think that panning with mousewheel is too slow. Maybe you could add an option to make it faster.
5a. Pressing spacebar to pan/drag plays a constant annoying Windows sound.
6. The way presets work in the cutter dialog is still not working properly. Installed newest 4.069 yesterday and made it crash within 20 seconds! :shock:
7. Sometimes objects move without being touched and undo isn't possible. Only solution is to close and re-open drawing. Maybe you should look into that.
8. It would be nice to have be able to use different papersizes on each page, please consider.

I have created 3 videos showing the described problems:
I hope my voice in the videos is understandable :|

Video of a SCAL4 crash:

Video of objects moving around without reason:

Video of annoying Windows sound when pressing spacebar to pan/drag:

I hope it will reach the right people... :)

All the best

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