SCAL3 virtual mat

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SCAL3 virtual mat

Post by cmsmith64 »

Ok...what am I missing here. The virtual mat in SCAL3 is ALWAYS at 18% when I open up the program...WHY? I have to go over to right and change the percentage every time..totally unacceptable. I've 'saved' my workspace in the top menu...does not save. This is totally frustrating...SCAL2 you did not have to change the percentage size of the virtual mat...why this change in SCAL3 version 3.025 (prior SCAL3 mat stayed the same size always).


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Re: SCAL3 virtual mat

Post by gj1 »

I had noticed this with even earlier versions...and thought it odd that I always had to go to View and Fit to Window, as the mat is so small to start.

This has been placed in 'Wishlist', and we will see what happens. You could also type your same note to Support through the form

Or, email...
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Re: SCAL3 virtual mat

Post by Louise-Paisley »

Another issue which I did raise with support and told it would be fixed is the mat window size.

On windows PC at least it opens smaller (a lot smaller) than the available screen space for it despite saving the screen layout, I find this particularly annoying Grrrrr

the area in yellow being what I mean.
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