Lib it up 2

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Lib it up 2

Post by crd6879 »

Can anyone tell me where I can get the "lib it up 2" download from? I can't get into the craft edge website.

Thanks so much .

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Re: Lib it up 2

Post by sstehman »

The Lib it Up Library is now obsolete. Please see the first part of the post from CraftEdge and it will explain where your files can now be located to access them directly from within SCAL/eCAL.

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Re: Lib it up 2

Post by ninner10 »

The Lib it Up Library may be obsolete for SCAL3 users, but since I'm using SCAL2 because I have a Cricuit, I've downloaded Lib it Up 2 so I can try to get my SVG files into SCAL2 on my MacBook. (My import SVG button and Menu command do not work.)

If you still need to download it crd6879, you can access the Downloads tab on the CE site, scroll down and click on Extra Downloads and at the bottom of that page you'll have the ability to download Lib It Up 2 for either Windows or Mac.

Hope you are successful!

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