Trying to cut a shadow layer

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Trying to cut a shadow layer

Post by gearhead1167 »

Hi all. I'm using a Roland GX-24 cutter with Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 5. I'm trying to cut simple numbers with 2 shadow layers. If I cut just a single layer number I have no problem, the machine cuts fine. If i add a shadow layer the head of the cutter moves like its going to cut and freezes. I'm new to all of this. any help out there? Thank you.

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Re: Trying to cut a shadow layer

Post by SandyMcC »

I should be able to help you with this, but I'll need a lot more details and also see your cut file, which you can email to me at

For starters, I assume you're cutting each layer separately... Are you hiding/showing layers on the Layers Panel to accomplish this or are you using the Cut by Color feature in the Cut Settings window?
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