cutting a large piece in sequence?

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cutting a large piece in sequence?

Post by vin »

I have been using Signlab cutting software at work, and SCAL 5 at home with my gcc expert 2 cutter.
In signlab I am able to "Tile" a large piece in order to cut one section at a time. for example, if I have a 7ft long image to cut, I would be able to "Tile" the entire cut into 1ft sections so my cutter does not advance the entire 7ft at the beginning. Is there a way to "Tile" or section my cut in SCAL5?


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Re: cutting a large piece in sequence?

Post by SandyMcC »

The Tiling function is only available in SCAL5 Pro. You can upgrade for the price difference ($139) between SCAL5 and SCAL5 Pro, if interested, using this link: ... al5pro.php

If you want details on other features available in the Pro version, check out this document: ... atures.pdf
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