scal 4 and scan n cut wireless

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scal 4 and scan n cut wireless

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I hope someone can help me. I just bought the brother scan n cut 350 and bought the wireless card to go with it. I have scal 4 also. I don't want to use Canvas but I can't figure out how to send files to the snc from SCAL. The SNC is hooked up to my network (wirelessly). On my PC, it doesn't show the SNC. I watched a video but it showed the machine hooked up to a usb wireless hub. Then it's not wireless if it has to be hooked up to something. I've been searching on how to use it wirelessly but can't find any information out there. Can someone point me in the right direction. I hope I didn't ramble on too much but I'm frustrated. Is the wireless network card only good for canvas?

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Re: scal 4 and scan n cut wireless

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Brother does not legally permit its cutters to be accessed from 3rd party programs like SCAL. In order to design in SCAL4 and then cut on your SNC cutter, export the file as an FCM. That format should then open and cut at the correct size on your SNC unless Brother has made another change to prohibit other programs from working with their cutters.
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Re: scal 4 and scan n cut wireless

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You can also save your export your file as an svg and save it in that format and then open on your canvas.. But no Sandy is correct.. You can't cut from Scal

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