how long do blades stay sharpe

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how long do blades stay sharpe

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Just wondering if cutting card stock or similar material what is a reasonable expectation for clean cuts. The other thing, should I have several blades as backup, how many?
Is there another brand that will work well with ecal 2 machines

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Re: how long do blades stay sharpe

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I buy Blades on Ebay. Look for Roland brand blades.

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Re: how long do blades stay sharpe

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I don't think the eClips blades are the same as Roland. At some point I tried some Roland blades in my original eClips and the cuts were off, though I didn't really play with it to see if I could adjust settings. My eClips blades last quite a while cutting paper, but it's always good to have extras. I grabbed a bunch when someone had them on sale online and I haven't used all of them yet.

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