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Windows 10

Post by chrisanndale »

Will all of the versions of SCAL work with the new Windows 10?

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Re: Windows 10

Post by craftedge »

There are no known issues running SCAL or eCAL on Windows 10 so far.

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Re: Windows 10

Post by pastda3 »

That's good to know. I haven't upgraded yet.
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Re: Windows 10

Post by janekinso »

Thanks Craftedge. I needed to know that before I click on the upgrade. :)
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Re: Windows 10

Post by mitsim »

I have heard of people having problems with p2c with the Windows 10 upgrade. They were informed from Craftedge that they were working on the fix. I have not upgraded yet, so maybe the fix has already been addressed.

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Re: Windows 10

Post by cpking »

i am using scal on my windows 10 pc its running smoothly.

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Re: Windows 10

Post by darnold55 »

I have SCAL 2 for my Cricut Expression and trying to get it to work for Windows 10. I had this on my previous PC which ran Windows 7. I can't get it to cut on Windows 10 as it freezes up. I got it to cut a few things but now it's hit or miss. Does it need a different driver or patch of some kind?


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Re: Windows 10

Post by TAMInspiration »

I am totally brand new here and this is my first post, as I just registered. Hopefully, this is the correct thread to have my question answered. I purchased the original SCAL1 back in 2008 when I got my Cricut Expression. (Oh my, 10 years ago!) I wanted to be able to design my own artwork designs to be able to cut them out. It's many years later and a brand new year and the Cricut bug has bit me again. I pulled out my old machine a few days ago and am needing to download my SCAL1 software I purchased. I now have a new laptop that uses Windows 10 and would like to know if my original SCAL1 will work correctly before I run it, or if anyone has any suggestions. If I keep scratching this itch, I may spend the money to upgrade or even get a newer Cricut. As of now, I want to see what I am able to do with what I have. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me out. <3

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Re: Windows 10

Post by aspencer80 »

Just wanted to share my success with getting SCAL2 to work on a new Windows 10 machine. The two challenges are setting SCAL2 to run in Windows XP mode, and installing the old Cricut USB driver instead of the driver Windows 10 thinks it should use.

Install SCAL2.exe from your file.

Activate your software using whatever method necessary. I had to use manual activation and the website

Step 1. Set SCAL2 to run in Windows XP compatibility mode.
Search for "Compatibility" in the windows bar and you'll find the option "Run programs for previous versions of Windows")
Click Next
Select Sure Cuts A Lot 2 from the list of programs
Click Troubleshoot Program
Check box for "The program worked in earlier version of Windows...", then click Next
Select Windows XP (SP3), click Next
Click Test Program
If SCAL2 asks you to activate, just click the trial option for now
Don't actually try and cut anything yet, just close the SCAL2 software and click Next or close the Compatibility window dialogue
Restart computer

Step 2. Force Windows to use the old Cricut USB drivers...
Download the old Cricut USB drivers here: "" and extract the folder of files to a location on your computer.
Roughly follow the directions on this site, but use the specific directions below: ""

Open Device Manager and find the "Universal Serial Bus controllers" > "USB Serial Converter"
"USB Serial Converter" is the driver for the cricut machine, double click to open it.
Click Change Settings and log in as Admin if necessary
Click Driver tab
Click Update Driver
Click Browse my computer for driver software
Click Let me pick from a list of available...
Click Have Disk
Under "Copy Manufacturer's files from:" point to the downloaded USB driver from the craftedge url link above. For our computer its the "USB_Driver" folder within the EXE FILES --> Sure Cuts A Lot 2 directory
This will force Windows to use this older driver instead of the more recentl driver it thinks should work.
Restart computer

After restarting, you computer should be using the old USB driver and SCAL2 in Windows XP mode and should cut just fine.

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