overlapping traced images = double cuts

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overlapping traced images = double cuts

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Beginner here...

When I trace an image into multiple color separations, SCALP creates lots of layers that overlap and often they share the same outline edges. When I go to cut, the paths where the layers share border edges get cut over and over again and it's slicing through the backing paper of my vinyl.

Is there a simple automated way to weld any shared/overlapping paths on layers so that each shared path would only get cut once? I've tried playing with "merge" and "weld" but couldn't get them to do what I needed


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Re: overlapping traced images = double cuts

Post by SandyMcC »

Instead of using Color Layers, use the Single Color tracing option. It's covered in Section 5.03.10 of this manual:

https://www.iloveknk.com/0um/SCAL5/SCAL ... Manual.pdf

I also show some other "tracing tips" related to Single Color tracing in these two videos.


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