Cricut Expression SCAL 2 and 5?

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Cricut Expression SCAL 2 and 5?

Post by Bevans »

I have a Cricut expression 1 machine and no Cricut software (Cricut craftroom or design space) works with it anymore, I was told I need scal.
After reading all the comments in this thread, it seems I need SCAL 2 and 5.
5 to design in and then export that design to ver 2 to be able to cut.
Is this correct?
Do I need to purchase both versions or will the ver 5 code work with ver 2 also?
If not, how do I buy ver 2? As I have looked on the site and have not found a d/load link for it.

thank you for any help you may offer.

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Re: Cricut Expression SCAL 2 and 5?

Post by SandyMcC »

You can now cut from SCAL5 to a Cricut. Please watch this video and note that it is HIGHLY recommended you test it first before buying a registration just to make sure everything works:
Sandy McCauley
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