sure cuts a lot 5 print and cut issues

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sure cuts a lot 5 print and cut issues

Post by kaniesia »

I am using sure can cut 5 on a mac. the cutter is use is GCC expert11 24. My problem is so far i have been trying to use 'sure cuts a lot 5' but having issues when trying to print and cut with a 8.5x11 heat transfer paper. the cutter is cutting all over the place on the 12x24 mat, its not cutting the design but other areas on the mat where there is no heat transfer paper. when i print from my epson printer there are also no registration mark on the heat transfer paper. what can i do to resolve this issue

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Re: sure cuts a lot 5 print and cut issues

Post by SandyMcC »

For starters, if you don't use the Print & Cut option and just send the file to cut, do you see the same thing happening? If so, here are a number of reasons why:

(1) You're still in registration/trial mode. SCAL will cut watermark cuts through the designs sent to cut.

(2) There are more shapes assigned to cut than you want cut. On the Layers Panel, make sure you only see layers that you expect to cut. You can control what gets sent to cut on the Style Panel. First select a layer and then, on the Style Panel, assign to either: Print+Cut Print (that layer can ONLY be printed) or Print+Cut Cut (that layer can ONLY be cut)

(3) Your USB cable needs to be replaced. I once had issues with random cutting and replacing my USB cable with a gold tipped Belkin did the trick.

(4) Something in the file itself. Close and reopen SCAL and then only add a few basic shapes from SCAL's Library on the screen. Send that to cut and see if you get the same thing happening.

(5) Some other cause of random cutting which can be cutter itself, some other application on your computer interfering, static electricity, etc. I've read about many causes over the years.
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Re: sure cuts a lot 5 print and cut issues

Post by Createinspain »

Another cause may be that you have not set the page settings up to the correct size for printing - file/page set up. If you have the workspace set to one size and the page set up to another, all is likely to be a disaster!

Check that under the print settings, you have the box ticked for the registration marks. This may vary according to your printer but mine does not automatically print them.

Also, if you have shapes OFF the mat, the software will still try and include them - move these to another page, out of the way when doing print and cut. i have found that if I don't do that, even if the reg marks are SHOWN in the right place on screen, they won't be when the item is printed!

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