Knife tool issue

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Knife tool issue

Post by sueo78 »

I have had SCAL 4 for a vry long time and have used it hundreds of times but never really explored all the amazing tool options. I am now getting interested in designing for myself. There is a beginners guide to the tools on You Tube and I have watched this specifically for splitting a shape in half using the knife tool. In the video the shape has a solid white centre when the person selects it for the mat. Mine doesn't so the rest of the instructions don't work. How on earth can you get the shape with a white inner or better still, can anyone explain to me how I can split a shape in half please?

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Re: Knife tool issue

Post by SandyMcC »

The inside fill color isn't going to make any difference at all in how the tool performs. You can prove that by selecting your shape and change it to white on the Fill & Stroke Panel on the right.

Maybe post a link to that particular video and I will watch it and see how the knife was actually used and ALSO explain why it didn't work for you... what exactly happened?

SCAL is loaded with amazing functionality. You might find it inspiring to flip through my SCAL4 UM to see what else is possible. I cover every function in great detail. ... Manual.pdf

If you get hooked on designing, be sure to also check out SCAL5. The upgrade price isn't that much and it has even more COOL TOOLS. :)
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