Help with SCAL 4

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Help with SCAL 4

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I have SCAL 5, 4 and SCAL 2 on my mac. I am trying to get SCAL 4 to work with Cricut cake/expression without having to send the file to SCAL 2. Here are the problems I am running into


1. The cuts to begin with are not smooth - very uneven and a bit out of proportion.
2. The cricut stops after a few mins of cutting and the software will not respond. It is only when I disconnect the USB wire does everything go back to normal.
I did all the steps recommended after reading the solutions on the forum. Any suggestions?


I tried the sending a file from SCAL 5 to SCAL 2 -that bit was fine however when the file opens in SCAL 2 parts of the design are missing or are scattered across the mat thereby not cutting the design as it is supposed to be. The quality of the cut per se is fine. Any way I can fix this?

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