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Newbie Spacing Letters In Words? Pt 1

Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:33 am
by Wind Gatherer
I'm enjoying SCAL 5 I'm finding the process quite intuitive. Regarding my diy signage project.
I've done, THE, ok, and have done word HIT. I'm wondering, although the spacing between the letters in the word, THE, look ok just looking at that one word. When compared to the word HIT that will be next to it. HIT has different size spaces between the letters. I think all words should have the same spacing between the letters, otherwise might look a bit odd.

So I'm assuming will have to scale down the size of the letters in,THE so can size the gaps between the letters to match gaps in, HIT.
This I think would mean the letters would have to be smaller. I could alter the mounting board dimensions from 12 x 23.3 to say 14 x 23.3
Then wouldn't need to lose out so much on the size of the letters. As I say I'm a newbie, not a typesetter, letterer so don't know how this all works, comes together?
Any help appreciated.
Ps attached some screenshots to give an idea of how I've been getting on with the process so far.