Illustrator plugin question

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Illustrator plugin question

Post by pigtailpat »

I will be attempting machine embroidered applique pretty soon. I have a file which is only in .ai format to cut. Thus far, I have not used the illustrator-SCAL pluggin (I have 5 pro).

If I bring the file in illustrator, then click on send to SCAL - what happens? Does it cut automatically, or, is it simply placed on the digital mat to cut? Is the graphic to be cut in size/dimensions altered in any way on transfer to SCAL? The original size is pretty important, since this is applique. It has to fit on the embroidery at the embroidery machine.



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Re: Illustrator plugin question

Post by SandyMcC »

Hi Pat,

I believe the Illustrator plugin sends the file to SCAL to be opened. Then you'll cut, as you normally would. However, note that you can import an AI file directly into SCAL5, so just do it that way. There's no need to use Illustrator to open the file. Just click on Import at the top in SCAL and browse to find your AI file.
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