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PostPosted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:34 pm 

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I value the opinion of the users a great deal as your squeeks, wants, and desires
are met with willingness to assist their customer's growth pathway, viewed from
the customer's side oof the power button.

I purchased eCal2 before an eclips2 to evaluate the software's ability to function
in many roles with respect to my hobby of competitive fying scale modeling. The
hobby as you may have known of it has changed along with the use of other than
a ruler and calculator (started to write slide rule).

The hobby is exactly as its name in its activities. Competitive flying scale models
is the replication of not only the physical attributes of a full size manned aircraft,
but replication of the flight behavior (maneuvers) flow by the 1:1 as well.

As you might imagine replicating a 1:1 in miniature (typically 1:10, 1:5, 1:4 or
larger, requires the competitor to use tools with precision results. This has been
extremely expensive, until now. Laser cutters permit fast and accurate cuts at a
price point well above 2.5k USD.

Computer image files are found in two types. The image files are used to create
a cut file for CNC (computer controlled devices). The Sissix uses an SVG format
and the computer interface permits importation of multiple file types which are
then converted to SVG format.


In the use of "auto-trace" function of eCal2 the lines composing an image are
isolated either on one or both sides permitting file to change thickness, and or
without abaration wrinkeling, ARE YOU PLEASED WITH the cleanliness,
abarisition removal provided in this or another autotrace program?


PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:25 am 

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Based on my own experience having owned and used 4 different vector programs, I find that SCAL meets my needs just fine. If I were to do a side-by-side comparison, differences would be more based on available functions and settings to produce what I need for my application versus the accuracy which is usually based on the type of image you're trying to trace. For example, a low resolution image, a small image, a photograph or an image with small text is far more difficult to trace than a high quality, flat clipart image scanned at a high resolution.

Once you have a trace, you also have the option of using node editing to tweak the resulting trace, as well. And certainly you can utilize other designing functions in SCAL. For example if you are tracing a red image with a yellow shadow and find that the shadow didn't trace well, you can create a new shadow in SCAL to match the orginal one.

Note that when it comes to lettering, you're almost always better off finding out what font was used and recreating the text. The brain is more sensitive to lettering than other shapes with curves and if the trace is even slightly off, it stands out.
Since you already purchased eCal2, give it some testing on the various images you want to recreate. What you see on the screen is what the cutter will attempt to cut. Note my use of the word "attempt"... if you want to lettering that is smaller than about 1/4" in height, you may not be happy with the eClips2. Different brands of cutters have different cutting resolutions and it's important to make sure your needs will be met before investing in a cutter. I would design something that is sized at what you need and then having someone with an eClips2 cut it from the material you plan to use... most likely vinyl? Also, if you export as SVG to share, make sure that the person confirms the overall sizing matches the dimensions you used to create as SVG files will import at different sizes depending on which program is opening them. Naturally, if it's still SCAL, no need to worry.

Hope this helps! And if you have more questions, feel free to ask!

Sandy McCauley
Manager of Customer Relations and Education for KNK USA
Owner of

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