Blade Offset

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The Cynergist
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Blade Offset

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I read this on the SCAL website: "The Blade Offset value can be changed in the Cutter Settings window which can be accessed by choosing Cutter Settings from the Cutter menu or clicking the Settings button in the Cut window," but I can't find any such settings. Also I can't find where to create weeding lines. Does anyone here know how to do that?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Blade Offset

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What vs of SCAL on what cutter, and what computer OS will help in getting a good answer as each element has its own peculiarities.
Susan E

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Re: Blade Offset

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Susan is absolutely correct! For some cutters, the Blade Offset is in the Cut Settings window... or perhaps all, depending on what version of SCAL you're using. And the weeding option is only in the Pro version of SCAL. So... as Susan pointed out, more information will allow us to help you. :)
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