Some exciting moments

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Some exciting moments

Post by Sweetness4713 »

I don't know how many of you remember me.. I remember quite a few names here but see lots of new names.. Great to see that this site is still going strong...
Anyhow I am finally making the move to retire in the middle of June.. 8 years of cafeteria work and I've now decided to call it quits.. I work in a high school and they have now integrated grade 7s and 8s in the school and it's proven to be too much.. They are wayyyyy out of control. In the 8 years of me working there when it was just a high school we had not one ounce of problems with the high school students.. now grade 7s and 8s there are always issues.. They don't listen and balk at their piers.. That I don't need.
On another note. In August I will be a grandma to my 4th grandchild.. My other 3 grandchildren have blossomed immensely. The oldest is now 7, her little sister is 5 and their cousin she is 4.. She is the one that is going to be a big sister... She is so excited.. Her mother had 4 miscarriages after having her and has finally successfully with the help of a specialist managed to keep this pregnancy going.
I have not given up on my crafting but they have slowed down somewhat.. But now with retiring I will be able to pick that hobby back up.
Another exciting moment happened in January and that was our FINAL mortgage payment.. Now you see another reason for my retiring.. LOL.
Once again it's great to see familiar names here.. :P

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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by wynnepam »

Glad to see you back. Congratulations on your retirement.

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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by jrichards »

Of course I remember you! Congratulations and welcome back. I retired at the end of December and I just know that you will love it. Hope we see more of you on this forum!

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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by sstehman »

Welcome back sweetness....even though I am not posting as much, I do follow and moderate as best I can. Could use your help again I'm sure.

Congrats on the retirement. I still have 2 years to go teaching at high school and even though I love teaching, it's time to call it quits.

So those of you that don't see me too much -- teaching, taking care of 94 year old father-in-law responsibilities and some property management responsibilities don't leave much time for me.

Look forward to seeing your posts as in the past.
Sandy in PA

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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by papasue »

Just wanted to add my WELCOME and your designs have been missed. Hopefully you can get up and running soon and share some your you designs....even if they are older lots of new members have never seen them and would greatly appreciate them.
Susan E

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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by talanhart »

Congratulations on being able to retire. Time to enjoy the Grandkids.

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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by pastda3 »

Hi Sweetness! Good to see you post again. Thanks for the update and congrats on your retirement. I hope mother and future g-baby continue to do well.

With all the new cutters, I don't contribute that much anymore. To be honest, I haven't even kept up with the SCAL updates because I still use Inkscape for everything. I still bop in here to see what's going on. I miss this place. Looking forward to your posts.
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Re: Some exciting moments

Post by Sweetness4713 »

Awww thanks for the welcome backs.. The countdown is on.. Less than 16 days of work left. I so can't wait.. bahahah.. I'm up for knee surgery don't know when so I will have no choice but to take it easy and work on the crafting stuff.. I now have my own crafting space although hubby insists it's a bedroom..LOL.. I said that room is used once a year as a guest room and it is more my craft room than a guest room.. When my kids both left home it was always said one room would be my craft room.. So needless to say when my grandaughter comes to visit. ?? she sleeps on a mattress on the floor. She doesn't mind.. Who would mind with all that paper around.. LOL. I now own 3 cutting machines.. I have the cricut expression still, the Silhouette cameo and now caved in and bought the cricut explore.. Love the fact I can work with it with my ipad. So I can bring in any design into the cricut design and it shows in my ipad.. Sometimes I get lazy and don't feel like carrying m y laptop upstairs.. haha. Anyhow's great to see so many recongnized names..

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